Freitag, 17. Juni 2011

Snowy Atlas Mountains.

I feel pretty good today! I went to school in order to get my Abitur results - and I had a queasy feeling about it. But I even become better! I'm so relieved and also contented with my average. It's okay ♥ And now I can look forward to my graduation ball! And I still have to practise on my piano because I'm a bit out of practise haha :D Anways the sun came out yesterday, so I took some pictures...The raindrops made a great bokeh-effect!


  1. ich liebe diene fotos so sehr ich schwöre.

  2. Wir lieben dein Nagelack, Kamera und die Bilder! wow!

    Schauz doch mal vorbei, machen gerade ein Gewinnspiel.
    Würde uns freuen, LoveLaura§&Anki :)

  3. oh how beautiful photos you have here!

  4. Those are some stunning photos, your camera is so cute! :)

    The Cat Hag

  5. wow i love your photos honey, what camera do you have? and that lomo camera is SO CUTE! i bought one for myself too in nyc, it's a holga. :]

  6. Thanks you both! ♥

    @stinamju thank you, but I also love your blooooog! Which camera, my reflex one? it's a Nikon D60 and I got a Sigma objective with 50-200 mm !
    Holga? Is it the black one or the coloured? :) It's also nice! totally love vintage cameras, but it's not easy to take the pictures...they're often so blurry or look crappy :D

  7. Ich hätte mir das Wildifre S wenn dann geholt aber habe halt lange mit Mama gesprochen und hole mir dann das iPhone sobald ich mit der Ausbildung anfange :)

  8. Aww thanks♥ Yeah, wow! Seems like a good one. Mine (or not mine exactly but the one I use) is Canon 450D with 18-55mm and 50mm objectives.
    Check my Holga out from my blog, I'm about to post about it! ;) I got it just now so I haven't seen any pictures yet but I have a good feeling about it, and I got a fisheye lens for it yesterday so I'm pretty excited! :D haha~

  9. Loooove your pictures!
    I looove the camera! SOOO CUUUTE!

    I have been won over by your photos on you blog, I LOOOVE THEM! Sooo colorful!
    Going to follow you. :)

    oh by the way, thank you for your commen ton my phillip lim post! :)